"Your wedding is a historic event in your family. One that should be remembered, in vivid detail, for years to come. Those who were a part of it, should have the ability to relive every precious moment. The generations that came after it, should be able to look back and witness every moment of the matrimonial event that would forever serve as their family's cornerstone. Your wedding is a story that is told and retold, countless times throughout the years. At Tru Colors Cinematography, we specialize in transcribing these stories into film. Armed with the right equipment and an keen sense of detail and vision, our videographers are seasoned wrights with an acute sense of expertise when it comes to preserving precious memories through the medium of film and video. If it's a significant moment in your family's history, we absolutely refuse to let you settle for less. This is why we offer Economy Packages, among many other package options, to ensure that your story is remembered for lifetimes to come while at a cost you can afford. Should you have any more questions, our Contact Form makes getting in touch with one of our experts a quick and effortless task."


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