What are your prices?

Our video pricing starts at $2495. Tru Colors Cinematography cinema team typically films for 10 hours on your wedding day. The best way to determine what time we will arrive is to count back from the end time of your reception. Typically, one videographer will arrive at the bride’s preparation location one hour prior to prep, and one videographer will arrive at the groom’s preparation location one hour prior to prep (Our travel time and one hour advance arrival is not considered in your 10 hours of coverage). If you require additional coverage, please inquire with us to tailor your package.


What exactly do you film?

A typical wedding consists of the bridal prep, groom prep, the first look / photo session, the ceremony and the reception. Since every wedding is unique, the typical coverage may not apply to you. This is why it is so important for us to talk to you, and find out everything there is to know about your wedding day.  


How long does it take for us to receive our wedding video?

Please allow 4 to 6 months for the completion of your wedding video. A full-on edit of your wedding day can take up to 50-60 hours and includes tasteful effects, titling, color grading and color correction. The result is a 20-30 minute feature film, and from the feature film we create a 3-5 minute highlight video that is uploaded online for you to share with friends and family. Some videos may run longer or shorter depending on the length of the ceremony and the speeches. 


So what exactly is included in my edited wedding video?

Your 45-1:30 minute Traditional high definitionfeature film or 20-30 minute Cinematography Feature film is edited to display events as they occur during your wedding day. Of course, in addition to focusing on the day’s events as they take place, we also capture footage used to enhance the production. The end result is a creative, polished documentation of your day as it unfolds. Apart from the feature film, we create a captivating and timeless highlight video. 


Will you and your camera equipment get in the way while you are filming?

We tend to be as unobtrusive and discreet as a cinematographer can be. Our goal is to capture events as they happen with as little re-creation and interference as possible. There might be instances where we ask you to do something for the sake of your wedding video. During your ceremony, we use zoom lenses to film the action without impeding, and throughout the reception, we tend to quietly blend with your crowd to capture the most candid moments of your celebration. With today’s camera technology, the use of ambient lighting goes a long way. We do use supplemental lighting to enhance the light in a dimly lit venue, but no harsh or glaring lighting is used. 


What type of equipment do you use? 

We continuously upgrade our equipment and software to keep up with technology. This means we have the most advanced and modern equipment to ensure the best picture quality. We use 35mm DSLR cameras to capture our footage. All of our footage is in HD.  


How do you record audio during the ceremony / reception?

During the ceremony, we use wireless lavaliere microphones for anyone that will be speaking. One is placed inconspicuously on the officiant and the other on the groom. Both microphones are tested for interference with the sound system of the church or the DJ prior to the ceremony/reception. We also use other microphones for the podium, the sound system, and as backups.


What is your attire?

Our dress code is business casual. Of course, if you require different, our attire is negotiable.


Can we purchase the raw, unedited footage?

Raw footage refers to the hundreds sometimes thousands of 10-20 second clips that come right out of the camera. Those clips include thoughtfully filmed moments intended to be edited at certain points in your wedding video to tell a story to the viewer... Scenes such as workers diligently setting up your reception hall, a close up of the groom nervously tapping his feet while he awaits his bride or your mother taking a second to adjust your veil before you walk the aisle. Additionally, those clips include moments when a camera is being focused, moved or used to set up audio. Without any editing, these scenes would appear to be an assortment of random events that carry very little meaning. If you would like to purchase the raw footage for the purpose of future editing or safe keeping there is an additional fee.  


How do we book Tru Colors Cinematography?

In order to give each couple the attention they deserve, we only accept a limited number of weddings per year. A minimum $800.00 non-refundable retainer fee is required to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due 21 days prior to your wedding date. Please contact us via phone or email to confirm that your wedding date is available.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept check, cash, money order or credit cards.